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Interview: The Vliets (for It's Psychedelic Baby)

This is an interview I did with Ty Borhnstedt from The Vliets for It’s Psychedelic Baby:

Forget about thunderous drum beats. Forget about heavy distorted guitar/bass riffs. At least for now.
The Vliets, currently working on their full length debut, drink from nowadays electronic scene as much as they do from 60s psychedelia, trapped between avant-gardism and nostalgia, meandering between Austin and Chicago. Their first release, The Vliets EP, dates back from 2011 and was followed by last year’s God’s Drug EP, having both of them revealed a very mature sound as well as a band that knows how to spice up things without overdoing it.
We wanted to know more about this promising band and so we had this little chat with Ty Bohrnstedt, The Vliets’ front man and guitarist. We talked about those commonplaces like their influences and stuff but we also had some time to discuss UFOs and God’s drug.

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New Video: Xanman, Pond

Now you can watch the official video for Xanman by Pond. The track from Hobo Rocket was released yesterday.

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