Não é meia noite quem quer, António Lobo Antunes (2012)

After not even a week since I started this project I decided that I needed to change things a little. First of all I will start off a new section named News. In this section I will try to post updated information about films, books or magazines coming out. More than that, this section will have, as the main target, the Portuguese readers. However, I’ll keep posting in English. Maybe you’re an English speaking reader and for some reason you’re living in Portugal or just visiting our country.

Yesterday I posted about Granta’s Portuguese edition. Today it is about the new novel by António Lobo Antunes, Não é meia noite quem quer. It is said to be his most biographic work untill now and it was released this month. Until Sunday, the literary festival Escritaria, in Penafiel, will pay homage to him.

For the ones who don't know anything about António Lobo Antunes I might add that is style is said to be heavily influenced by William Faulkner. He has won several awards all over Europe. Right here you can read a review on his Doctor and Pacient 

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