The Fall, Tarsem Singh (2006)

If there is a movie that meets Oscar Wilde’s vision of art then Tarsem Singh’s The Fall must be it. It is completely useless, but equally worth to admire! And having Spike Jonze and David Fincher presenting it must mean something.
It all begins when Alexandria, played by 8 year old Catinca Untaru, meets Roy Walker, played by Lee Pace, at a hospital. Roy is a stuntman who got severely injured during the shooting of his very first movie and Alexandria is a little girl recovering from a broken arm. As Roy cannot leave his bed he needs Alexandria to steal morphine for him and so he captures her attention with a delirious tale where such distinct characters as some version of Darwin or an Italian explosives expert unite in order to confront the mighty villain, Odious.
Catinca Untaru’s rendition is delightful and so are the costumes. The locations were carefully chosen and spread over about 20 countries. All of this to bring to us one of the most exciting visual experiences to ever hit the screens.
Philip French stated on The Guardian’s The Observer that The Fallis staggeringly beautiful but all style, no content”. (read The Guardian's critic) I do not want to argue with this respectable gentleman so we will assume that is true. However, why would you even think about content when you have beauty?


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