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Le Vin Mauvais, Vendeurs d'Enclumes

Vendeurs d’Enclumes is a singular French band that plays a blend of chanson française, jazz and rock. Their lyrics are very poetic and their live performances rather theatrical.
The track Le Vin Mauvais can be found on their 2006 release L’étonnoir.
This is meant to remind you to go easy on the wine tonight.
Just joking! Grab a glass of good red wine and enjoy this drunk song.

Le Vin Mauvais - Vendeurs d'Enclumes @ Alors... Chante! 2010 from Macabane on Vimeo.

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News: El Guincho (2012)

El Guincho is an electronic Spanish musician that released in 2010 an album that caught a lot of people by surprise. That album is Pop Negro and its sound incorporates various influences from dub to afrobeat and rock.
Today, the last day of 2012, he shared a link to 25 minutes of music that is somehow different from his previous release.

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New Year's Eve, DH Lawrence (1917)

New Year’s Eve

There are only two things now,
The great black night scooped out
And this fire-glow.

This fire-glow, the core,
And we the two ripe pips
That are held in store.

Listen, the darkness rings
As it circulates round our fire.
Take off your things.

Your shoulders, your bruised throat!
Your breasts, your nakedness!
This fiery coat!

As the darkness flickers and dips,
As the firelight falls and leaps
From your feet to your lips!

By D.H. Lawrence

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The Lady And The Reaper, Javier Recio García (2009)

The Lady And The Reaper is a Spanish animated short film released in 2009 which was nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Animated Short Film and won the Goya Award for Best Animated Short.
The film is an hilarious tale in which a doctor and the reaper fight over an old lady’s soul and body.
Enjoy it!

The lady and the reaper from Hormoz Zamanpour Siahkal on Vimeo.

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Bye Bye Blackbird, Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell is my favourite contemporary jazz singer. The 1964 born American singer’s singing is highly technical with a mind-blowing six octave vocal range. She reaches what is called the whistle register. The first time I heard it I couldn’t believe she did that with her own voice.
Bye Bye Blackbird is the third track of her 1995 release First Instrument which came out by Blue Note.
Don't mind the video just listen to the music.

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What Difference Does It Make, The Smiths (Peel Session)

John Peel was for a long time one of the most important men in music. The BBC Radio 1 DJ was responsible for the phenomenal Peel Sessions which were responsible for providing major national coverage to emerging artists.
The Smiths recorded their session in 18 May 1983 which was later released as an EP. The version of What Difference Does It Make? can also be found on their 2008 compilation The Sound Of The Smiths which includes a pretty good amount of live recordings as well as b-sides.
Listen to the aforementioned version below.

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