Everything Is Useless Favourite 2012 Albums

This is not meant to be a best of 2012 albums list. It is just about the albums that surprised me most or the ones I’ve listened to the most during this year with no specific order. 

Red Forest by If These Trees Could Talk

These trees know how to beautifully build up tension resulting in some powerful post-rock. They are from Ohio, USA, and this is their 2nd album. If you like this one don’t forget to check out their previous releases: Above The Earth, Below The Sky from 2009 and their homonymous debut EP from 2006.

An Awesome Wave by Alt J

We already talked about this one. This combines effective pop melodies with some groovy drums that drink from hip-hop beats. This is without a doubt one of this year’s revelations.

Onkalo by Cró!

One of the best gigs I’ve been to this year! One night I went to watch an unknown band and my mind got completely blown away. This Spanish band mixes Pink Floydish vocal melodies and The Doors keyboard lines with whatever comes to their minds and in the end it doesn’t sound anything like the aforementioned bands. Cró! Sounds just like Cró!.

Fornelo Tapes Vol.1 EP by Sensible Soccers

I’ve just one word to describe this guys’ music: sexy. Their soft electronic music makes your hip swing and your head spin within a dream.

Titans by Black Bombaim

Actually I didn’t listened to this album that much but I’ve seen them live enough times to know how this album sounds and if my word is not enough then let me tell these guys have toured Europe and will be playing next year’s edition of RoadBurn and Alchemy at Zahar. For this release they invited some heavy-weights like Steve Mackay from The Stooges, Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless and Golden Void, Noel V. Harmonson from Comets On Fire, Adolfo Luxúria Canibal from Mão Morta and others. Heavy psychedelic stoner-rock.

Dear… by Keaton Henson

During the last couple of weeks this album has been playing repeatedly. The idea is not new let alone the broken heart stories but it feels too sincere for you to ignore it. Keaton Henson has his own language and his writing skills are fantastic.

Faust by la la la resonance

This is one of my favourite bands, one that I keep like a priceless secret. They play a blend of jazz influenced post-rock with popish hooks, I guess. If you are a fan of Tortoise then you must listen to these guys. Their live performances are flawless and breathtaking.

Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Seeing these guys playing live was one of this year’s highlights! If you like post-rock then I believe there’s nothing to be said. Feel it.

World Music by Goat

It sounds like voodoo magic! Tribal rhythms, folk inspired songs and psychedelic rock from Sweden. If it doesn’t make you dance then you should check your pulse.

Heart Mouth Dialogues by Elisa Rodrigues

I’m sure this one is for the ones who like jazz and the ones who don’t. A great and young voice.

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