Matter Fisher, David Prosser (2010)

Matter Fisher is a 2010 animation short film by David Prosser. The film was screened in film festivals around the world and won several prizes. (you can check the list below)
This one shows us the relationship between a fisherman and a form of estranged matter somehow similar to a black hole.

(From this point it may contain spoilers. Stop reading if you wish.)

The aforementioned form of matter attracts everything around it growing bigger and more powerful going from attracting fish, for the fisherman’s delight, to a scenario of destruction. One curious fact is that this form of matter attracts everything but the fisherman which raises one question: is the matter somehow part of the fisherman? If so, then I believe this is an analogy to the fisherman’s desire and greed. At first he just wants to catch some fish in order to survive but shortly after his greed grows out of control leading to the destruction of everything he knew before.
The plot is rather interesting and so are the animation itself so watch it if it attracts you.


BAFTA Nominated Short Animation, 2011
SICAF, Grand Prize, Graduation Film, 2011
Animanima, Special Distinction - Design, 2011
Holland Animation Film Festival, 3rd Place European Student Film, 2010
Animae Caribe, Best Student Animation, 2010
Anifest Canterbury, Best Creative Design, 2010
London Internation Animation Festival, 2010, Honourable Mention
Royal Television Society Award, Postgraduate Animation, Finalist, 2011
Adobe Design Achievement Award, Finalist, 2010
Nominated Conran Award, 2010

Archived in the British Film Institue, 2011
British Council Supported Animation, 2011

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