God's Drug, The Vliets (2012)

The Vliets play some sort of mellow synth-based psychedelic rock filled with ethereal voice melodies. The band was founded during July 2011 in Austin, Texas. However, during the summer of 2012 one of its members moved to Chicago but that didn’t stop them. Proof of that is the God’s Drug EP, which came out on September 28th 2012. Previously they had released another EP named The Vliets.
I couldn’t find a lot of information about these guys but they’ve been featured in several press articles and were recently voted 2nd best emerging band in Chicago in 2012 by The Deli magazine.
2013 will see the band playing along the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest of the USA.
Visit their bandcamp to listen to both of their EPs. They are also available as “name your price” so don’t be a cheapskate. 

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