Buena Vista Social Club. 1997

Listening to Buena Vista Social Club while drinking Port wine is an experience in itself but it can get a lot better when the whole thing takes place in a bar like the one above. It is not about political ideologies, it’s just about being able to touch a little bit of history, it’s just about something that cannot be put into words.
But getting back to Buena Vista Social Club, it was a social club like many others where people would gather to meet friends. Nearly 50 years after its closure its name inspired a very special album, an album that reached wide popularity against all odds. Juan de Marcos González, a Cuban musician and band leader, and the American guitarist Ry Cooder met with some traditional Cuban musicians, some of them past members from the aforementioned social club, to do some recording sessions. The result came out in 1997.  
Two years later a documentary film of the same name by Wim Wenders about the traditional music from Cuba was also released.  

Listen to Chan Chan, a music composed by Compay Segundo. 

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