Collaboration: Man On Wire (Bruno Albuquerque + Hugo Pereira)

Movie trailer:

Two different ways of expression, two different people, one motif.
As said before this collaboration is a little different from the previous one. This time I challenged Bruno Albuquerque to make an illustration based on the documentary film Man On Wire, but Bruno is not the kind of guy who does what he is told to so he decided he would rather do a poster instead of just an illustration and the result, as always, is incredibly good.
Man On Wire is a passionate journey through Philippe Petit’s, a French high-wire artist, plan to high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The idea of doing this is, by itself, mind-blowing but Philippe Petit’s passionate speech makes it even more special.
I won’t get much into the film because that’s not the idea of this post but this is one I highly recommend!
Getting to Bruno Albuquerque’s poster, it shall be said that Philippe Petit was born in Seine-et-Marne, France hence the bucolic illustration on the left side but it all ends at the sky of the industrial and lonesome city of New York which is represented in the right side of it.

Dancer On Wire 

The city that never sleeps stopped for a while
With eyes up high. Staring breathless 
Filled with awestruck confusion.
One and a half thousand feet steel giants 
Brought together by your umbilical cord.
Weightless dancer on wire,  
Floating feather. Flawless performance.
How does it feel to stab the skies 
With the world at your feet? 
The clouds were eager to swallow you.

by Hugo Pereira 

Bruno Albuquerque's pages:

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