Caché, Michael Haneke (2005)

Caché (original title) or Hidden is an excruciating drama written and directed by Michael Haneke about a wealthy Parisian family that gets torn apart when videotapes routinely appear at their doorstep. These tapes contain what seems to be some sort of surveillance recordings taken outside their own house. At first they are harmless but then the tension builds up as enigmatic childish drawings come along with the tapes. Since the police refuses to help as the tapes do not show any kind of threat,  Georges Laurent starts to think about who might be doing such a thing and that leads him to long gone infancy memories. That’s when one tape leads him to his suspect, Majid, who is the son of an Algerian couple who used to work for Georges’ parents before they’ve been murdered in the Paris massacre of 1961. After that Georges’ parents attempted to adopt Majid with no success.
The only reason why Georges sees Majid as a suspect his because of his own guilt and conscience.
The film has been awarded with Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award, European Film Awards Best Film and several others. 

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