Musical: The Last Goodbye

It seems like Romeo and Juliet will see a new approach, this time with the inclusion of a few Jeff Buckley’s songs.

The Last Goodbye features a number of the singer-songwriter's hits, including Lover, You Should Have Come Over and Eternal Life, and will rehearse for three weeks from 27 January, according to a casting breakdown.
Buckley shot to fame after recording a cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and received critical acclaim for his debut album, Grace, before he drowned, aged 30, in 1997. Since his death, a number of previously unheard songs, including work from an unfinished second album, entitled My Sweetheart the Drunk, have been released.
In an interview in 2010 Buckley's mother, Mary Guibert, confessed her doubts about the project, describing the piece as a "real stretch", but said she was won round by Kimmel.
"Suddenly I felt that across centuries you had two kindred spiritstalking about the same things – love, relationships, suffering, death,"she told the New York Times. "It was like having my eyes opened to Jeff'smusic in a new light, a different and very natural light." (The Guardian)

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