Collaboration: To Jeff (Poem+Illustration)

This one should’ve been posted yesterday because it was somehow inspired by Jeff Buckley.  It features a poem of my own and a specifically done illustration by Pedro Rodrigues named Drown.
I believe it’s worth the delay but feel free to leave any feedback. Enjoy!

To Jeff

Your ashes by the sea bathing your lover’s naked feet.
I saw her – standing in grief – rattling hands and disbelief,
The waving waters dictating the mournful rhythm
As the sober grey skies hid the last living light.
Her knees are now sunk in the sand
And her once immaculate nightgown
Immerses in an ocean of despair.

You, white boy, departed this life too soon
You, white boy, abandoned your lover too soon.
A beautiful stranger in this world
A tormented soul roaming forever blind
Singing grace of long gone lullabies.
Let her lay her head on your hip
Such love must be buried deep.

by Hugo Pereira

by Pedro Rodrigues

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